Pentakill I

Smite & Ignite

Smite & Ignite


  • Piste 01


    Fellow armsmen, I ask you,
    Will you follow me tonight to break their spine,
    And reclaim what once was mine?
    Those cravens.

    Backstabbed me, deceived me,
    Never shall I tolerate their crimes again,
    Now let the hunt begin.

    7000 souls, scared and daunted, such tale of woe,
    Not too long ago, this village was a golden
    scene of hope.

    Call down the reckoning,
    To bring back hope and peace,
    Restore our gloria,
    To live forever.

    Bring down the dark regime,
    I know how to unleash eternal power,
    Lead us to order,
    I am the Lightbringer!

    Fellow warriors, I ask you,
    Should my campaign come to an end?
    There’s way more to avenge.

    15 million souls,
    Living in this realm without much hope,
    Not too long ago, this kingdom was a golden
    state of hope.
  • Piste 02

    Deathfire Grasp

    Fighting shadows,
    in their haunting guise.

    Smiting the wicked baron,
    and unleash my might.

    When we face our final hour,
    in the darkest rift.

    Come what ever may,
    I’ll be the death of you.

    After channeling my power,
    Your end will be swift.

    Now there’s nothing in my way,
    You’ll feel my deathfire grasp!

    Clashing minions,
    ravaged fields of war.

    Manifest my dominion,
    total chaos restored.
  • Piste 03


  • Piste 04

    Last Whisper

    No matter how they fight today,
    No matter how much honor they’ll display.
    We’ll dominate.

    Spells of war,
    Hear my call,
    Help me take them down.

    They’ll hear my deadly last whisper,
    right before they die.

    This melody seeks a new victim,
    Let it penetrate their mind.

    I will revive, one more life,
    to ignite them all,

    And their barriers will crumble,
    under all of my force,

    they’ll fall,
    lets make them crawl.

    And when we finally meet their king,
    There will be no ghost for him,
    We shall end it all.
  • Piste 05

    The Hex Core

  • Piste 06

    The Prophecy

    The era of metal has begun. And metal shall prevail, for we know what they have done.

    Five legends of our realm, who sought to follow the path of their dark musings. But they did not know what they had summoned.


    To these creatures, there is but one thing left to do.

    Heavy Metal.
  • Piste 07


    My king, my king, how was I supposed to know that
    everyone will falter when you die.

    And as we speak the army of our enemies
    is approaching our gates, we cannot fly.

    Behold, my son,
    There’s a way to save you all,
    Don’t you despair, don’t be petrified.

    There is an armor,
    ancient magic made it strong,
    And you shall wear it when you face the fight.

    This harness will guide us through dangerous night,
    It humbles the foe with its grace.

    The thornmail will help us prevail and survive,
    Our deadliest fate we embrace.

    Well done, my son, it’s the way to save you all,
    but don’t you think the realm’s been purified.

    Creatures of darkness are still longing for your fall,
    Keep them in thrall, it’s time to smite and ignite.

    My king, my king, how was I supposed to know that
    everyone will falter when you die.

    Son, smite them all!
  • Piste 08

    Orb Of Winter

  • Notes de production

    Adam Michalak

    Ingénieur du son (Orb of Winter)

    Alex « Scherzophrenia » Temple

    Mixage (Orb Of Winter)

    Christian « Praeco » Linke

    Guitare, mixage, programmation, producteur

    Dan Negovan

    Programmation additionnelle, arrangements (Orb Of Winter)

    Danny « LADecay » Kim

    Percussions, producteur de l'enregistrement

    Danny Lohner

    Producteur & Mixage (The Hex Core)

    Derek Sherinian

    Claviers, synthétiseurs

    Eugene « kyugene » Kang

    Guitare basse

    Frank Rosato

    Percussions, producteur de l'enregistrement

    Gregg Bissonette


    Hollywood Scoring Orchestra (Orb Of Winter)
    Jason « chupacobbler » Willey, alias ProtoShredanoid


    Jorn Lande

    Voix (Lightbringer et Thornmail)

    Kyle « anvilanche » Leary

    Voix sépulcrale (The Prophecy)

    Lisa « Saiyaka » Thorn

    Voix (Orb Of Winter)

    Noah Gladstone

    Recrutement (Orb Of Winter)

    Oliver « RiotOtown » Chipping

    Murmures de la mort (Last Whisper)

    Sébastien « Chemicalseb » Najand


    ZP Theart

    Voix (Deathfire Grasp et Last Whisper)

    Musiques et paroles écrites par Riot Games
    Enregistré, produit et mixé chez Riot Games à Santa Monica, Californie
    Masterisé par Troy Glessner

    Remerciements à tous les fans de métal de la communauté League of Legends !


Smite & Ignite

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